Christian Sacrifice

Christians murdered worldwide-mass murder in Nigeria

Christians are routinely massacred around the globe nearly every week. The media largely ignores this sad fact. In many countries, where the practice of Christianity is outlawed, Christians sit in dank prisons without protest from the outside world.

The latest massacre occurred in Nigeria. As many as 528 Christians were hacked to death with machetes. Woman and children were not spared.

Mr. Gyong said he woke to gunfire early Sunday. “Children were frightened and began running helter-skelter,” he said. “People who ran out of town were the ones who were slaughtered….They burned my house down, and they burned my car. I lost three grandchildren.”

Pastor Yohanna Gyang Jugu, of Church of Christ in Nigeria, sat outside his burned-down church, tears in his eyes.

“We were sleeping and we heard gunshots all around,” he said. “I woke up and went outside. There was nowhere to pass. Fulani men had surrounded the village. They caught my wife and killer her, and my daughter. They were cutting people down with machetes.”

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