The Good News

Are We in the End Times?

Jesus told us that we would not know the moment of His return. Many academic theologians and others tell us that we should not bother to speculate about the end times because of this. Christ did tell us that we would not know the moment of His return, but He never said that we would not recognize the signs that His return was near.

Those signs are discussed at length in the Bible.  There have been predictions about the end times over the years and many have been confident that the Rapture was near.  Many dates have proven erroneous and this has added to the general speculation by Christians and non-believers alike.

The Reality Today
Today, the world has a convergence of signs and prophetic events that have not been rivaled in the past. The governments who had peaceful agreements with Israel have recently been overthrown and replaced by anti-Jewish groups that foresee the destruction of the Jewish state. Our own administration in the U.S. takes a less-friendly view of Israel also. One of the biggest threats to Israel, Iran is now a nuclear power, and has said they would wipe Israel from the face of the earth.

Natural disasters, often predicted in the Bible and spoken of by Christ Himself, have been on the rise in recent years. Christianity is being replaced by “false doctrines” including a growing number of Atheists among young people.  Lifestyles and practices that the Bible terms “abominations in the sight of God” are on the increase. 

Many prophesies have already come to fruition and have set the stage for the events that were predicted to occur afterwards. Christians are being murdered daily for their faith with many recent examples documented on this website.

Make a Good Decision Today
These events are all a reminder to the believer and non-believer; consider renewing your faith or asking Christ into your life. Whether you term the events spoken of in the Bible as the End Times, last days, Tribulation, 2nd Coming, the rise of the anti-Christ or simply the Return of Christ, you should know that something is happening. You don’t want to be a non-believer when the first stone drops.

Visit our About page and say the prayer that you find there. This isn’t about scaring someone into becoming a Christian. This is appealing to that 1% or 2% chance that you are willing to give me that I am right. Eternity is a long time. Even when you are 99% sure of your position.

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