The Good News

It’s that 1% that can mean everything

Are you one of those people who are convinced God doesn’t exist? Maybe you think that Jesus lived, but He was only a prophet. Maybe you are not that person, but you know someone who is?

Maybe you are really sure that God doesn’t exist, but you would not say that you are 100% sure. Maybe, you could say the same about your feelings about Jesus; you are sure He was just a well known prophet or philosopher and you are quite sure that He was not God in the flesh. You might even describe yourself as 99% sure.

Heaven or Hell
Christians believe that you must accept Jesus Christ as your Savior in order to go to Heaven. Christians base that belief on several passages in the Bible where even Jesus Himself says that it is so. Christians believe that people who die without accepting Christ are forever separated from God. That means that those people do not go to Heaven. Christ described Heaven as paradise.

The Bible also talks about Hell. It is a bad place, far worse than anyone can imagine. After death, a person will spend eternity in one place or the other. Not just a lifetime, but eternity.

Not Completely Sure?
If you are 99% confident that you are right about God or Jesus and you know the consequences of not accepting Christ, as Christians believe it, what about that other 1%? If you are willing to concede with just a 1% possibility that Christians are right, is it worth spending eternity in Hell to ignore that 1%?

You can keep your 99% certainty, but just in case, you should go to the About page of this website and pray the prayer that you will find there. Just in case.

If you are a Christian and you know someone who is very certain that God doesn’t exist or they don’t believe that Jesus was God in the flesh, then have them read this posting and the About page.

People Change
There is one thing you should know in the interest of full disclosure. Once you pray the prayer on the About page, there is a very good chance that the 1% will increase and the 99% will decrease.

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