The Good News

The Good News is Jesus

More than 2000 years ago, God came to earth in the form of Jesus Christ to walk among His creation.  Of all the religions on earth, Christianity is based on our Creator getting up close and personal with His very imperfect children. God’s love could not be more perfectly expressed in any other way than through the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. From the time of original sin, humans have disappointed God with their decisions………..our decisions.  But, with the advent of Christ dying on the cross, that sin does not have to condemn us, but allows us the glory of eternity in a place Christ referred to as “paradise.”

When we accept Christ into our lives, when we accept the Holy Spirit into our hearts, we find new purpose and understanding and realize that Heaven is our spiritual home. We also begin to understand how much our Heavenly Father loves us as his children. When we are saved, through faith in Jesus Christ, we become new beings with different priorities and a different outlook on life.

God gives us choices.  He made humans with free will. We can choose to engage in sin or choose not to. We can choose certain lifestyles and disappoint God or choose to use Christ as an example. None of us are perfect and we will still not be perfect when we accept Christ, but we can try to live in a way that pleases God.

The News of Joy is Jesus Christ. Find Him and find the key to eternal life.

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