The Good News

New President – hope for Christians

With the inauguration of a new U.S. president, I pray that the persecution of Christians in America, and around the world, will end.  We know that in countries, where Christians are a minority today, the persecution will continue. But, there is hope that this new president, will work diligently, to go after those who would harm Christians because of their faith.

In America, where the Founders were Christians, and where the founding documents all referred to God, I am hopeful that the anti-Christian narrative will be dampened. With a new administration, that looks to the Christian God for guidance and wisdom, the country has a better chance to allow the good work of Christians to prosper and go forth.

It is my prayer, that when public figures express their faith in Biblical principles, they will no longer be scourged and tormented and harassed.  There is an opportunity now to allow Christians to enjoy their First Amendment rights and speak freely about their faith, their love of other people, and their hope that all people will find Jesus as their Lord and Savior and be saved.

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