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Have you been told that Christians are bad people?

It’s not uncommon for many younger people today to believe that Christians are bad people.  Christians are thought to be intolerant or “haters” or thought to have closed minds.

If you are one of the people who thinks that way, did you ever consider what Christians do for others on any given day?  A large percentage of the hospitals in the U.S. were started by, and funded, by Christians and Christian organizations.  There is no doubt that tens of thousands of lives have been saved in these hospitals.

Christian Contributions to America
Christians started many of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the U.S. Institutions like Harvard were started to train pastors. Christians also started many of the organizations that are best known for feeding the hungry and clothing the poor.  Millions of people in need are helped every year through the selfless giving of Christian people. Every church spends money to help the poor, build irrigation systems and medical clinics in under-served regions of the world, and shelter women from domestic violence.

Biblical Marriage
It’s largely the teaching of the Bible, the inspired word of God, that causes many people to loathe and hate Christians. Because God created and defined marriage, as it has been practiced for 5,000 years, Christians believe in traditional marriage. It does not mean they want to break up committed relationships outside of traditional marriage, but they just believe, as the Bible teaches, that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Christians are Sinners Too
Christians understand what sin is and every honest Christians will admit that they are sinners themselves. They don’t stand in judgment of others because they are taught not to. Yet, many people believe that Christians look down on others as if the Christian believes they are a perfect person. This is simply not true.  Christians know that only by accepting Christ as their Savior, their own sin can be forgiven. They also know that they cannot go on repeating the same sins.

Christians have a saying, that you should “hate the sin, not the sinner.”  While there is a long list of things that are sins, many people dislike Christians because Christians believe that the gay lifestyle is sin. This is taught in the Bible.  What people don’t seem to understand is that Christians believe that there are a number of sins committed by straight people as well and they don’t endorse any of these behaviors.

Don’t Blame God for Our Choices
God gave people free will. People make their own decisions about how they will choose to live; will they strive to be more like Jesus or will they pursue sin as a lifestyle choice? Christians ask every person to invite the Holy Spirit into their hearts and to try to avoid sin. Christians don’t want any person to be separated from God and spend eternity in Hell.  This is an unbearable thought. Christians think of every person as a child of God.  They don’t differentiate between people who are straight or gay, or their ethnic background or their origins or original religious beliefs.

If a person commits their life to Jesus Christ and invites the Holy Spirit into their hearts, Christians know that there will be a change in that person’s life.  They actually want the best for all people; including you.

Don’t hate Christians.  They don’t hate you.  It is only the person who hates Christians who is the one who is intolerant or who has a closed mind. Go to our About page and say the prayer to accept Christ today. Then, you will understand.

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