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Thou Shalt Not Kill; tell a politician

One of the 10 Commandments is ignored by politicians in New York State, Vermont, Virginia and in the U.S. Senate. That commandment is “thou shalt not kill.” It is the basis of one of our most fundamental and important laws that prevents wanton murder and mayhem.

But, politicians in several U.S. states and in our own Senate chambers have voted to kill newborn babies. It is a horrendous thing to consider that any politician would want to codify murder in American culture and make it law. That is exactly what they have done in three states already and then in the Senate.

God does not look favorably on anyone who breaks one of His commandments, but He will be even more angry with those who allow this kind of brutal murder to be a lawful act.

The Bible describes Hell as the “lake of fire.” It is a terrible place where its inhabitants are separated from God. That means they are separated from any and all good and the greatest source of love. As a result, they are in perpetual agony and pain, constantly fearful and miserable. This is the path that many politicians have taken.

Also in the Bible, we learn how Jesus loved children. We are told to approach Christianity as a child. We are also told that God knows us even before he forms us in our mother’s womb. The wrath of God against those who would murder babies will mean the lake of fire for all eternity for those who have passed these laws and those who carry out these murders.

Few will walk on the narrow path to Heaven, and unfortunately, those numbers will be even fewer as more people embrace a culture of death and murder and the taking of the precious lives of human babies.

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