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God Needs You to Bless the Next Generation of Christians

The Christian church could fade away in America as it has begun to do in Europe. There are few in the Millennial generation who attend church weekly and even fewer in Gen Z. This is not sustainable. As those who make up the biggest part of most congregations go home to be with Jesus, the church will shrink, lose financial support and cease to exist.

This is the reality. There are Christian churches that close every day in America, in Europe and in other Christian cultures. While the Christian church does good, and helps the poor, single mothers and abused women, people who just need some help and the homeless, the bigger culture continues to demonize the church.

The secular culture in America and Europe and other places has convinced young people that Biblical ideals and tenets are incongruous with their secular commitments to the gay lifestyle, abortion, pornography, binge drinking and drug use. The Christian church is getting in the way and must be ejected from the culture.

The pressure to conform to secular culture has kept many young people away from the church. They have been taught that Christians are “intolerant,” while overlooking the widespread intolerance towards Christian people. Young people have been indoctrinated into a mindset that sinful behavior should be what they strive for and to ignore what will become of them when they die. This is shortsighted and sad. Eternity is forever.

It should be the goal of every Christian to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to every young person. Help them to understand that it is not about conformity and rules, but about love and faith and something bigger than all of us. It is about their future and well-being. Being separated from God is torture and misery, but that never has to happen.

The Christian church cannot die. It is responsible for almost all of the good in America and other countries. It has been the church, and Christian organizations, that have built most of the hospitals and charitable organizations around the world. The only way all of that good can continue is when there is another generation to pick up the baton and continue the race.

Without young people; the church goes away and the good news of Christ cannot save another person from real death.

Bring the good news of Jesus Christ to a young person today.

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