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Modern Day Christianophobia

Hatred of Christians; Embracing Christianophobia

America has changed in recent decades. From a country where as much as 96% of the population believed in God to a country where half of young people identify as non-religious or Atheist. This metamorphosis of culture has also seen a precipitous increase in Christianophobia, a true hatred of Christian people. Evidence of this could be seen, once again, in the priority assigned to “news stories” and opinions expressed in articles and posts, by Google in first-page search results.

It was the death of  the Christian TV personality Pat Robertson on June 8, 2023, that provided more evidence that those who control the information and messaging that people search for, and those who create content and write “news stories,” editorials and opinion pieces, all share a visceral hatred of Christian people. Given the wholesale condemnation of “hate” by the same people, the hypocrisy required to hate the Christian community shows just how disingenuous the people constantly talking about “hate” actually are.

In the case of Pat Robertson, a man who encouraged love of other people, spent thousands of hours praying for people of all faiths, ethnicities, nationalities and races and who spearheaded projects to help the poor and people in developing countries, the outpouring of hate was disgraceful and misguided.

Below is a screenshot from June 12, 2023, capturing both Google’s top rankings given to the most hateful anti-Robertson stories as well as examples of Christian hatred so often seen when a prominent Christian dies.

Pat Robertson Google search results June 12, 2023 Christian hatred christianophobia

It’s often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, a simple screen shot shows many disturbing truths about the reality of christianophobia in America, the priority assigned by Google to the most hateful articles and opinions, making those stories most prominent in the first-page search results and the views of leftwing outlets like Mother Jones, CNN, MSNBC and Vox to spread their Christian-hating message to the most people. The goal, as can be clearly seen in this one screen shot, is to disparage, misinform, create hate and animosity and reinforce false narratives about this loving man of God who cared about all people.

How many times have I watched Pat Robertson as he prayer for people of all backgrounds, who were in need of prayer. How many times did I see him present stories of people of all races, nationalities, ethnicities and beliefs to show how his organization was willing to help them in their time of need or to bring attention to the plight of people, in order to help them. It was a regular part of Pat Robertson’s daily existence, yet Google, Mother Jones, CNN, MSNBC and Vox and many others, filled with their hatred of Christians, found it necessary to churn out misinformation and disparaging articles in order to demean and diminish the memory of this man’s legacy. The proof is in the picture.

You will notice that of the top five “news stories” about Mr. Roberson and his death, all are from leftwing platforms and none of the stories that a Google search engine user would discover in the search results, are from Christian publications, conservative franchises or the reflections of other well-known Christians.

Hitting the “More News” button only produced a list of more anti-Christian, anti-Roberson stories, including others from The Washington Post, NPR, CNN, The New York Times, Democracy Now and a story from The Nation titled: “Pat Roberson’s Genocidal God Has Called Him Home.” Again, no need to take my word for it, a picture is worth a thousand words:

christianophobia Christian hate Google New York Times Pat Robertson


So, while it is widely accepted that any hatred shown towards groups like the trans-population, the gay community or any racial minority, is clearly wrong, the practice of systemic hatred and discrimination against Christian people is acceptable and encouraged. Pat Robertson is only the latest target of this kind of unsubstantiated ridicule and misinformation. Other well-known Christians in the recent past have received the same hate and persecution after they died.

The irony is that Christians do more than any other sub-population in America to feed the poor and homeless every day.  The hospitals across the country that were started by Christian groups or are run by Christian organizations are the most likely to provide medical care for the indigent population. Christians are engaged on a daily basis in constructing houses, medical clinics and irrigation systems for poor people in developing countries.

Yet, despite doing more good than any other population of people, there is no “Christian Appreciation” month to go along with Black History Month or Pride Month. There are no major corporations adorning their websites and advertising with the Cross or mentions of appreciation for all that the Christian community does. Google does not feature the Cross or any other Christian symbol at the top of it’s search page the way it honors every other group. Although being gay or being Christian are both lifestyle choices, there have been more than a million pronouncements of support and appreciation to the gay/pride community online in just the past week but none for the Christian community.

And, in the most telling of the selective hatred targeting Christians in America, the images above and the ridicule of one little, old man who loved his fellow humans, is evidence enough that something is terribly wrong in America. The Americans doing the most for the country and their fellow citizens are shunned and persecuted and one man’s death is the latest opportunity to pile on with the ridicule.

Pat Robertson died at the age of 93 after suffering a stroke. Rest well brother until Jesus returns and you return to your real home.


Photo courtesy: CBN

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