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News of Joy is here to save souls. News of Joy is here to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to every site visitor. If you are a believer already, you will enjoy this site. If you just don’t like Christians and don’t believe in God or believe in Christ, hang in there and give us your attention. We are not here for debate because you WON’T change our minds.
The fact is that GOD loves YOU no matter what you think. You are HIS child.
Over time, News of Joy will include content, images and videos from Christian people around the world. All of us refer to each other as brother or sister. We are one big family and we want more people to be a part of our family. Read our About section to find out how to take the first step towards changing your life for the better.
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A lot of people, in the U.S., call Christians intolerant. But, Christians are called to love all people. Every person is a child of God. Jesus said that loving your neighbor is one of the most important commandments. God gave people free will. That means that all humans can make choices; and do. If the choice is to live in sin, against God's will for us, then Christians want to remind those people of that sin. No real Christian wants any other human to end up in hell. It is the hope of every Christian, that every person accepts Jesus and lives in Heaven some day.