The Good News

News of Joy

The name of this website refers to the good news that Jesus Christ gives all humans a bridge to God. Despite our sin, we do not have to be condemned to eternity in hell, but we have the great opportunity to spend eternity in Heaven with God. In hell, we are separated from of joy Jesus Christ Christmas

It is most fitting, this time of year, that we think of the true news of joy that came by way of a manger on that first Christmas and attracted the attention of distant shepherds and wise men. There appeared an angel who said; “Don’t be afraid!” “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people.”

That joy is knowing that through this little baby, who later grew up and spread a message of hope, we can all spend eternity with God. Although we are imperfect humans, who sin regularly, we are not condemned because of that sin.

That is the news of joy. We should all feel that joy, or strive to find it, by accepting Jesus as Savior.

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