Pray for God’s Protection

During 9/11, many people who were not otherwise very spiritual people cried out to God. They knew that His power and grace and supernatural abilities was the only thing that could save them. Many, who prayed, were saved. Many people in other critical and life-threatening situations turn to God and pray and are saved from harm.

Today, the world is in this position. The Coronavirus (COVID 19) is a threat to all humans. It has sickened and killed people in nearly every age group. It has killed Millennials right along with seniors. It has left many who have survived with lung damage. There is no treatment and there is no vaccine presently. Unlike the seasonal flu, that makes us defenseless against it, except for self-isolation and other measures.

There is one other step we can take. The Bible tells us 365 times not to fear. The Bible tells us to put our trust in God. He is not only the Great Physician, but He is the Great Protector. We should take the time to pray every day for the protection of all people from this deadly virus, the protection of ourselves and our families and that medical researchers will develop a vaccine quickly and find an anti-viral that works against it.

This is a time to turn to God and have faith in His grace and His power and in His abilities.

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