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One of the many benefits of being a Christian is knowing that others will go to God on your behalf.  Prayer DOES work.  Prayer has moved God to perform many modern day miracles. It was known far and wide, while Christ walked the earth, that He could heal people and did heal many.

For those with health concerns, financial concerns or relationship concerns, among many others, they will find comfort in knowing that others are praying on their behalf.  Send your prayer requests to News of Joy for inclusion on this page. See some of the updates below also to see how God has worked in these lives.

Send us your prayer requests to be included on this page. It can make a big difference.

  • Please pray for Suzanne Cataldo, who was just rushed to the ICU with COVID (9/7/21) and was only given a 20% chance of surviving, and while there, they also discovered that she has an advanced and aggressive Leukemia. She needs prayers to survive the COVID and then to tolerate chemo and get better. Only God can intervene and produce healing in situations like this.
  • Please pray for Aimee Copeland for strength and endurance and healing as she tries to recuperate from a flesh-eating bacterial infection that she suffered in Georgia. (update: this prayer request was added in 2012, shortly after Aimee’s near death experience, with doctors giving her a 1% chance of survival. See this updated information about Aimee Copeland.                                                                                             ( Aimee Copeland 2/2016 )
  • Pray for Lauren Scruggs, who was struck by an airline propeller in Texas, losing a hand and eye. Pray that she continues to heal. (update: this prayer request was added to this page in 2011,  just after Lauren’s terrible accident.  She is a person of faith and the prayers for her worked. Here is a more recent link describing her life today:  ( Lauren Scruggs 12/2015 )
  • Please pray for Craig Douglas that God will remove every cancer cell from his body and heal him.  (Update: Craig has been healed through the grace of God. Please continue your prayers for continued healing)
  • Please pray for Kurt Krenz that God will reduce the four tumors in his brain until they simply vanish.  Please contribute to his Go Fund Me account so that he might pay his ever-increasing medical bills. (Update: Kurt left this world in 2018)

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  1. Please pray for me and my family. I am 64 living with my son and his girlfriend taking care of 21 month old granddaughter. They are splitting up and my son isn’t working since pandemic. They both have addictions. I collect early ss which is only 1000/month and we have to find a place to live within 3 days. I am struggling hard with all of this. I know God is with me and I will get through this. I need prayer for strength finances and a place to live. I only have a bed, dresser and personal belongings. No other furniture, kitchen appliances, etc. It’s going to be a huge challenge but I have the spirit guiding me. I am thankful that I’m breathing. Happy Easter and blessings ❣️

  2. Gloria……..on this Easter Sunday, you have my prayers and I’m sure the prayers of anyone else who reads this. Have faith that God will see you through this season.

  3. Pray for my boyfriend and I we have been dating for 6 months we had several of miss communications ups and downs especially in they relationship that has caused difficulties and we had hated discussions over. One has been a phone issue that his phone distracts him more than often when we are together and there have been actions in his behavior and he has not been truthful with me about it I have questioned him about it if it was pornography thank you something gets his intention on that phone when I am around him that’s been going on for quite a while since the beginning we got together and he tells me that no women are involved that he does not chat with other women but I believe that pornography is an issue and that is affecting our relationship and it expecting me he would not be honest with me and tell me the truth and it’s just hurts me because lying is a sin against God lust is a Sin against GOD lusting after another image of a woman Sin has its consequences God will not let sin private sin go unpunished and guilt can affect others around you. And attitude. Pray that he will block pornography websites and read his Bible and devotions and pray and seek God. And ask God to help him and get a pastor to pray with him. And him and I do go to church on Sunday morning Sunday night and Wednesday nights and when they pray together and we read a Bible together and our devotions. Pray for me and him praise and God will reveal what he is doing that he knows it’s wrong and he will have to pay the consequences keeping secrets that he don’t need to be doing in the first place

    1. You have my prayers and hopefully the prayers of anyone else who reads your concerns and goes to God to intervene.

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