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Mel Gibson, what are you doing?

One of the most prolific Christian movies of the past twenty years was The Passion of the Christ. Evangelicals were so excited at the time that a major movie about the life and message of Christ would be seen by millions of  “non-believers.”  The opportunity to see so many people saved was just too much. Mel Gibson had really outdone himself.

Then there was the Mel Gibson post-Passion. What was he thinking?  To say that Christians were disappointed would be an understatement. We don’t judge him and we don’t condemn him, but Mel; come on.

The information about Mel Gibson in recent months is just more fuel on the fire for the anti-Christian movement. They can boast that here is the man who produced a Christian movie about Jesus and he is behaving like a hypocrite. This is evidence, in the eye’s of the anti-Christian movement and non-believers, which reinforces their stereotypes and assumptions about Christians.

Are Christians perfect? By all means; no!  But Christians are the first to admit that. We are human and we have all the imperfections that all humans do. Our mission and duty as Christians is to do something about that. We need to strive to be better, to be more Christ-like and to change our ways. Apparently, Mel Gibson has missed that lesson.

How does a family man with six grown children and one minor child descend into an abyss with divorce, purported abuse and drunken outbursts that make the evening news? This was the same person who created one of the most compelling and gut-wrenching movies about Jesus Christ. How does a person go from devout Christian to Hollywood misfit in the course of a year or so?

For Christians, all we can do is pray for Mr. Gibson.  He has only contributed more fodder to a growing anti-Christian movement worldwide. The tiny number of believers in the Millennial generation can only shrink more and can only become more cynical with the events of late. After all, this is the same person who brought a movie about Jesus to a mainstream audience, and now he gives that same audience pause. 

Yes, Mel Gibson is only human with all the inherent weaknesses that come with imperfection. With the international recognition that The Passion received, and then the rapid downfall of its producer, it would seem that real evil had intervened. Maybe real evil did see an opportunity for a victory. Only time and corporate prayer will tell.

2 thoughts on “Mel Gibson, what are you doing?”

  1. Richard,
    I like the site. We love the song “from the inside out” and Hillsong too.
    I like the verse of the day too.
    This is a grt site.
    thank you, may He be glorified by this site.
    Matt and Kim Thompson

  2. yes I do pray for Mel Gibson. when you profess christ in Hollywood, the enemy will work overtime to trip you up, to shame the name. I remember Rev. 12 says the enemy works day and night trying to pull down the saints to ruin. quote below. Matt

    verse 10Then I heard (AA)a loud voice in heaven, saying, “Now the (AB)salvation, and the power, and the (AC)kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ have come, for the (AD)accuser of our brethren has been thrown down, he who accuses them before our God day and night.

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