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More anti-Christian Sentiment during a time of Christian Love

A church in Oceanside, California learned that it doesn’t matter to its neighbors that Christmas is the time when we celebrate Jesus. The church put out a Nativity scene in front of it main entrance, but on its property. The local homeowner’s/civic association warned the church that the Nativity was on their common property and not on the church’s.

The church asked the city to determine if the Nativity was on its property and the city determined that indeed, the Nativity was on the church’s property. It was too late though, as the home owners association, which had warned that it would physically remove the Nativity, did just that, throwing Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus on the ground behind the church’s stone entry monument retaining wall. In the process, they broke off Mary’s head. Much of the Nativity was broken.

This kind of thing comes out of a blind hatred and loathing of Christians. There are many people, across the country, who have a real prejudice against Christians; without any practical reason. In this season, when Christians celebrate Jesus’ birth, the thought that this hatred would be found everywhere is disturbing. We have seen symbols of Jesus and God removed from the public square in many states and cities. This doesn’t make America better.

The intolerance of Christian people, and Christian churches, has been a growing trend. Various anti-Christian organizations, that claim separation of church and state, go after Christian symbols nationwide, even outside their local jurisdictions. They may not represent anyone who has any real standing for legal reasons, but they are on a mission to remove God from the American public square. Many are Atheists and many are just those who hate people of faith.

Jesus brought a message of love. He told us to love our neighbors; other people. This was his core message. Ironic that there are those that believe that this message needs to be removed from our culture. In this season, when we remember Jesus birth, the thought that his image would be trashed and broken, is a sad commentary on America’s culture in 2017. This is not progress and this will not lead to a better America in any way.

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