The Deception of Prosperity Theology

It’s sad to think that Christians today would need to spend so much time trying to discern the real Gospel message from what they hear from so many “mega-church” pastors. After all, the numbers of Christians in America are dwindling as hundreds of churches have closed their doors and the church can only hope to bring more unsaved people through the doors to show them the love of Jesus.

Yet, in so many big churches, there are pastors preaching their version of the Gospels that is misleading and not Biblical. They claim that if you give them money, regardless of your financial circumstances, you can be assured to receive much more money in return. Please know, if you don’t already, that this message is NOT Biblical. This is a way for many pastors to enrich themselves and live lavish lifestyles while many of those giving live on fixed incomes in a time of rising prices.

This video lays it all out in an unsettling way.  If you are already a Christian, this video may shake your faith to some degree as you see many famous pastors preaching a misleading and self-enriching message. On the other hand, in order to know the Bible’s real message and be centered accurately as a believing Christian, you need to know where deception lies and not participate in it. Thank you to the creators of this shocking video.

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